The art of Glass


Ribes is the result of a special meeting between Luca Vestidello and Maryana Iskra. Even more extraordinary encounter when Luca passes on his love for Murano glass to Maryana, a designer with a degree in art criticism from the prestigious St. Petersburg University and in Visual Arts from IUAV in Venice. A collaboration was born between the two that would lead them to frequent the island of Murano and meet the greatest contemporary artists on the Venetian island. Ribes begins on the island of Murano and has the ambition to combine Luca’s technical skills in Murano glass with the knowledge of decorative styles and inspiration of artist Maryana.


Ribes chooses for you the best masters of Murano to create everyday objects elevated to works of art, decorative objects with a decidedly contemporary taste but linked to the thousand-year-old tradition of the island of Murano. It is only through the experience of 40 years in Luca’s father’s glassworks that ideas can be transformed into unique artifacts, the result of the talented hands of artists who certainly do not lack character and creativity.

Our artifacts directly touch the emotions because they are chosen with Maryana’sheart, who, thanks to her expertise of various decorative styles, knows the right placement in the modern and classic tables of Ribes’ demanding clientele



Manager of one of the world’s leading glassworks, he has spent most of his weekends in his father’s furnace since he was a boy. He has great experience in glass and a good worldwide reputation. For twenty years, he has been collecting chandeliers and vases from the island of Murano, but he defines himself more as a lover of Venetian masterpieces than a glass collector.”


An art expert with a degree in the prestigious University of St. Petersburg and in Visual Arts from IUAV in Venice and with a long experience as an interior decorator for the demanding and wealthy clientele in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He has an in-depth knowledge of the decorative styles that have influenced all ages, and from his earliest works he reveals himself to be a’artist which think outside the box But without distorting the legacy of a millennia-old art. In his glasses we can find traditional Murano techniques such as baloton, pulegoso, filigree, festoon technique, murrine, and morisa.

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